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A bit of conversation that took place between me and Baby Bekah today.

Mommy: Bekah, stop tearing up those DVD’s!

Rebekah: No!

Mommy: Hey, leave those books alone!

Rebekah: No!

Mommy: Ack! You just tore a page out of my Spanish Bible!

Rebekah: No!

Mommy: Look here! Look at all these toys! You have toys! Play with toys!

Rebekah: No! No! No!

Mommy: You never play with them. They are collecting dust.

Rebekah: No!

Mommy: Look! Look at this puppy! It barks!

Rebekah: No!

Mommy: A glow worm! Rings! A piano! You can bang it and make lots of noise!

Rebekah: No!

Mommy: A baby! Give the baby some love.

Rebekah: No!

Mommy: Look, pull this string and this moon sings! Look! A Kitty-kitty! Don’t you want the kitty?

Rebekah: No!

Mommy: Come on, play with toys!

Rebekah: No!

Mommy: Toys!

Rebekah: No!

Mommy: Toys!

Rebekah: No!

Mommy: Toys!

Rebekah: No!

Mommy: Toys! Toys! Toys!

Rebekah (smiling): No! No! No!

Then she reaches for a DVD.

Welcome to my life!

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Deep in the midst of a shimmering wood,
Nothing moves but you,
Hair black as charcoal,
Eyes bluer than a river,
Nothing else stirs….

A poem written for me, by my eldest.

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So I Never Forget…

The name of one of the country stations my family sometimes listens to is called Kicker 108. The slogan for the station goes something like this:

“Today’s best country, Kicker 108.”

My son, indignantly states that he doesn’t like Kicker 108. “Ugh. Mom. I can’t stand Kicker 108.”

“Why is that Landon?” I ask confused. I really didn’t expect this kind of preference until he was a teenager, at least.

“Because they say they are the best country but really, they can’t be the best country. America is the best country Mom. Right?”

Oy. What a strong sense on nationalism my seven year old has.

On the way home from school Landon asks, “Mom, what is an object?”

“Ummm…it’s pretty much the same word as thing. Where did you see it?”

“Your mirror says objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”

“Oh. Well, things are objects. Trees. Mailboxes. Things like that.”

“Oh. Okay. Thanks.”

Three days later…

“Object. Object,” says Landon.

“A mailbox is an object.”

“A tree is an object.”

“A car is an object.”

“A cake is NOT an object.”

“Uh,” interrupts Mom. “Yes, a cake is an object, Landon.”

“But Mom, you can’t see a cake in the mirror of your car.”


“Dune Face Head,” says Landon.

“Uh. What?” asks Dad.

Landon looks sheepish. Then he gets a huge smile on his face…

“I know what a dune is! It’s a big pile of sand.”

“Yes,” says his confused parents. “But where did ‘Dune Face Head’ come from?”


Shiloh pops in,”Oh. That was Landon just being random.”

“Yep,” Landon agrees. “I was really being random!”

I really have no idea sometimes where this kid comes from.

But he amuses me. I think I’ll keep him


Teaching State Facts

My six and seven year old students never fail to amuse me. I thought you might enjoy some of the tidbits from my classroom…

We recently did a unit on our state, Mississippi. I always think it sad when kids don’t know information about where they live. And it’s common at this age to confuse country, county, state, city, etc.

So, I was trying to see what my students already knew. I was pretty impressed that I had a one kid who knew Haley Barbour was our governor. He also knew George W. Bush was our president (He even took pictures with him after the hurricane and brought them for show and tell.) Still, I really didn’t expect anyone to know our mayor’s name was Brent Warr. I just expected silence after that question….Heck I had to look that one up. Shameful, I know.

“Does anyone know the mayor of Gulfport?”

“I do! I do!” says the same kid who knew the president’s name and the governor’s name. This boy is pretty bright, and since he knew the other questions I assumed he had really politically minded parents who deemed it worthy to keep him up to date on politicians. It could happen. I saw a girl like that on Primetime Live or something like that while at a restaurant once. Maybe this little boy was like that…

“Okay, J. Who is it?”

“Oh. I know this. I know this. I saw it on the news. It’s…it’s … George Clooney!

Uh. No.

The problem now is that obviously George Clooney seems to be a more memorable name than Brent Warr. Every time I ask this question, a whole two weeks later, some kid manages to remember that George Clooney is our mayor…er, except that he isn’t.

And more on Mississippi …

I asked my students if any of them knew the capital of Mississippi. Many excitedly waved their hands around, so pleased they knew the answer…M! The capital of Mississippi is M!!


Fun stuff!



Back to Shiloh again. My oldest kiddo has a deep, driving need to know things. She wants to understand the intricacies of every person, thing, action, etc. As a young child, why was a favorite word. These days, at ten, it’s a bit more than that…

“That doesn’t make sense. What were they thinking?”

“But didn’t they think about what they were doing? What would happen?”

“That’s not logical. That makes no sense.”

My little girl is growing up. And, unlike me at ten, she doesn’t just accept “they just do” or “there’s not a good reason” as explanations.

Surely everyone’s actions are stemmed from well thought out plans. Right?

Now, I’m curious what you would say to a little girl who has questions about these type issues.

*Why would someone hurt another in order to make them feel better about themselves? Why do they think it’s going to make them feel better?

*How come people (kids in particular) who haven’t been taught to be kind, considerate, well mannered, etc., don’t just see others who act that way and change?

*Why does a difficult home life cause some kids to go crazy and others to become withdrawn?

*Why would anyone do something for no other reason than to just be mean?

*How come all parents aren’t more concerned with their children than themselves?

*Why would a parent, or another adult, encourage a child to misbehave?

Believe me, we talked about a fallen world, sin and evil until I’m blue in the face. We’ve discussed and talked and considered and pondered and my Shiloh is completely unhappy with the verdict.

What would you say? What is your explanation?


Fall Babble

A quick FYI. This has been a post in progress for weeks now. If I said we did something today, today means the day I wrote it! I’m not going to edit it all, cause I’m lazy like that. And the fact that I’m posting at all is nothing short of a miracle. Just thought you might like to know… :P


Today was fun. My mother, sister, nephews, and my crew visited a pumpkin patch/corn maze. We walked circles in the maze (we were quite navigationally challenged), took a hayride, picked pumpkins, picnicked, rode tire horses, and admired the pigs, chickens, goats, rabbits, and ducks. Grand fun.

After several hours, the adults in our party were quite worn out. We took the littles to a play area, and let the biggies chose their activity as long as it was in our site. Some played on the playground, some went to the kindergarten maze (had no dead ends), and Shiloh, my animal loving girl, lovingly stroked the pony for ages.

While Shiloh was petting the much adored pony, she saw a little girl wearing a shirt just like hers (it happened to have a herd of horses running across the front of it…go figure.) There was also another lady standing nearby at the time. In a shirt that must have shrunk in the washing machine…cause it didn’t cover her middle.

Shiloh, my never meets a stranger personality (well, one of them), says to the little girl, “Hey! We are wearing the same shirt.”

The scantily clothed lady, wasn’t paying much attention and thought Shiloh was saying that to her. She looked down at her shirt, looked and Shiloh and very intelligently says, “Huh?”

Shiloh, horrified that someone might think she would wear something that (in her own words later) awful, quickly informs the confused lady, “Oh, I was talking to her. We have matching shirts. I would never wear a shirt that didn’t cover my belly.”

I love my kid!


Shiloh, as brilliant as she is, cannot spell. It drives my home schooled, spelling bee champion husband slightly insane. Landon, however, managed to get the spelling gene. And he loves rules. Phonics rules just make sense to him.

Well, Landon has been chosen to be one of the stinky, smelly, dirty, filthy shepherds in our children’s Christmas program this year. At the top of his papers with his lines and song he’s featured in, it says, quite plainly Shepherd.

He comes to me today, and asks me why his teacher spelled “shepherd”, “sheferd”. I didn’t know what on earth he was talking about until I realized that he was focusing on the “ph” in shepherd and thinking it should make an “f” sound.

Silly boy.

(Stop the presses! Good news! Shiloh, the non-speller has actually made it into the school spelling bee!! Wowie! I’m in complete and utter shock! :D )


Also, Landon is learning his books of the Old Testament right now. It’s easy for him to remember the book Joshua because that’s his dad’s name. He’s having a difficult time remembering the book Judges, for some reason. We recently did a pretty in depth family Bible study on this book, but I digress. He can’t remember Judges. My daughter told him that she helped remember it by making a sentence out of the books around Judges. Joshua judges Ruth.

Later he was practicing his books of the Bible, while cleaning up the kitchen after lunch. He says, “Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers (I think I’ll like this book best Mom), Deuteronomy, Joshua…uh….”

Shiloh pipes in, “Remember…what does Joshua do?”

“He beats me up!” Landon yells enthusiastically.

Hehe. Yup. He’s goofy.


Oh, and look what my baby can do! Yay, in a bittersweet way!

It’s happening too fast!!


One thing Kaylie was disappointed to find out was that we did not celebrate Halloween. She wasn’t excited at all about our church’s Fall Festival that we attend instead. In fact, she claimed to not want to go.

The day of the festival, we pull up in my church’s parking lot. The area had six enormous inflatable obstacle courses, slides, climbing contraptions…whatever! It was kid heaven.

Which Kaylie confirmed in her awed voice, as she saw the set-up, “It’s, it’s….paradise!!”

And really, it was pretty close. We had a great time!


Speaking of Fall Festival and inflatable thingies. Here’s Landon showing off his climbing skills.

He was the only kid who could make it to the top of this ladder. He tells everyone he’s Monkey Boy!!

One day, after school, my children had gone ahead of me to load up in the van to go home. I was lingering behind to finish a conversation with a co-worker when another teacher walked in the building.

“I hope you have good insurance on Monkey Boy out there,” she said.

“Oh, no,” says I, knowing full well the trouble said Monkey Boy can get into. “What is he doing?”

“Hanging by his knees from the Magnolia tree, making monkey sounds. When I told him he better be careful he said, ‘I can’t get hurt. I’m Monkey Boy!!’

My life is never dull.


Not only is he Monkey Boy, but Landon is incredibly strong. He took the garbage out for me tonight and when he came in, he had some big time bragging to do.

“Mom! My little finger is so strong! You can’t believe this, but I slammed the door with my little finger!! Can’t you believe that??”

A regular He-man, he is. And he really does say “can’t you believe it?” all the time. It’s too cute.


We often call her Bekah-billy goat. She has the cutest little billy goat laugh…everyone comments on it!

Well, here she is…and what do you know…with a billy goat!


And…just because I like these pictures, and I’m sure I haven’t shared enough already…here are a few more! :)


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Discoveries of a Pack Rat

Another letter found in my home. This one while I was dealing with old student teacher and resume papers from ages ago! It was written by my daughter, Shiloh, when she was in second grade. (She is now a fourth grader.)

Dear John Grisham,

Will you come to our school to judge our Reading Fair on January 24? My name is Shiloh and I want you to come to our school. I heard you wrote A Time to Kill. I never read your books but I want to. If I found one I would read it. Where do you sell them at? I write books too. But noone will publish them.



Landon’s List of Favorite Things…In Order

(Found written on a piece of paper in our home)

1. God
2. Girls
3. Fire
4. Weapons
5. Everything else
6. Boys

I live with a genius!!

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Mishmash, Muppets, and Other Nonsense

Just the things running through my head…

Yesterday, my three year old step daughter was begging for dinner. Begging. She’d say she was hungry, and I’d say, “I’m working on it,” as I rolled out hamburger patties.

She’d say, “I want a French fry,” and reach towards the boiling oil with the potatoes frying in it. I’d stop her in the nick of time and warn her about burns.

“Can I have that bread? I hungry,” she says and I remind her that it won’t be long until dinner will be ready.

“I want Kool-aid,” she demands.

“Could you just hold your horses?” I finally say.

With a puzzled look, she holds up her hands in a confused gesture and states,” But I don’t have any horses.”


My four year old nephew has been sitting in church with us for a few weeks now. Just for some background information, my sister has been out of church regularly for several years. She has recently started attending church on a very regular basis. But, my nephew hasn’t been to that many church services.

My pastor, is a very serious looking man. He’s not very tall, at all. But he’s a presence still. Gray hair, glasses. Like I said, very serious.

In church last week, my nephew, Hunter, was sitting beside his mother when all of a sudden he asks, “Is that Bro. Bill up there preaching, or is that God?”

When my sister, trying not to laugh, tells him that is most definitely not God, but our pastor, Bro. Bill.

Hunter says, “I don’t know. Maybe it really is God.”

My sister says, “No, it’s not. It’s Bro. Bill.”

Hunter’s final reply is, “Well, he’ll just be God to me then.”

Oh my.

Can’t get away from those Muppets. Thank you Mopsy.

When showing my six year old son this video, he replies profoundly, “Oh, I get it. It’s a nothing joke!”

Yes, Landon. It is.


Out of curiosity, do any of you have words in your family that are inside jokes? We have this thing about the word nothing. Which probably helps explain why I think that last story was funny. For some reason, the word nothing is often used as a joke in our house. I’d explain it, but I doubt you’d think it’s funny.

Are we just weird?

Would you like to try a nothing muffin? Oh, never mind!

My husband’s birthday was Saturday. Happy Birthday Josh!

He’s gonna be 30 next year. It seems we are getting old. :P


My 10 year class reunion was this past month. I was surprised to find that most people still looked great, maybe even better than they did in high school. I also think they were mostly nicer, or maybe it was just that I no longer care what they think of me. Out of all the people I saw, only one really creeped me out. I think that was pretty good! I graduated with some pretty cool people!


We bought a new chest freezer this weekend! Yay!

Disclaimer: I never said what I had to say would be interesting!


Shiloh made it back from camp, not only in one piece, but actually having had a great time. I feel better with her under my care again. What a heart wrenching week last week was.


Except for when I met up with a blogging buddy for a picnic at a playground. This is the second time Christy and I have picnicked. It’s grand fun having a blogging buddy in the neighborhood.

Who all knew picnicked was spelled with a k? I did not! Don’t you want me teaching your children?


Sigh. Speaking of teaching. My summer break is half over. Half over! Not fair. Where has the time gone?


Any cool ideas for packing lunches in a thermos? I’d love to hear them. Come on Beck, don’t let me down.



Dreams Vs. Reality

My daughter just walked in the room. It’s 10:20 p.m. Her bedtime is 8:00, so I’m getting ready to scold her for being out of bed when she, very sleepily says, “Thanks Mom.”

I’m a bit confused. About fifteen minutes ago I walked in her room and she had a space heater on. Well, I don’t know what the weather is like where you are but here it is rather warm. Like in the 60′s. I turned her heater off. I didn’t think she needed it since she’d kicked all the covers off and had a layer of sweat glistening on her upper lip. But, I think she might be thanking me for turning the heater off.

But I ask anyway, “Thanks for what?”

Sleepy delirious look here. “Ummm…for the….”

I wait.


“Neurolites?” I ask. I wasn’t expecting this. Would you be?

She looks even more confused. And more sleepy.

“Honey were you dreaming?” I ask.

She smiles and nods.

I laugh. “Go back to bed.”

As she walks out the door I can’t help but ask, “I gave you neurolites?”

“Yes ma’am,” she calls out as she leaves.

What can I say. She’s polite. And southern.

I could say I don’t know where she gets this from. But I am always having dreams that I mix up with reality. Don’t know what it is. Just something about me. My husband never remembers his dreams. Well, he remembers about three. From his entire life. I remember three from last night.

I’ve also been known to make an idiot of myself by asking some question, that referenced a dream, that I didn’t remember being a dream. Somehow I always seem to figure it out as soon as the silly, stupid question leaves my mouth. But alas. It is too late then!

I once asked my sister if she ever figured out whose limo had been parked overnight at my grandparents house. The look she gave let me know I was a complete bonehead. I mean, we lived right next door to my grandparents. If we’d wanted to know about a mysterious limo, we wouldn’t have thought twice about presenting our nosy selves on their front porch and demanded to know what was going on.Besides, my grandparents were quite the blue collar folks. I doubt they ever had much to do with limos.

So, anyway, is this a family trait that is unique to me and my daughter? Or do any of you have dreams you confuse with reality? Just curious. :D