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Shiloh and Carly


Carly is not our dog. Anyone who knows me well knows that I really am not much of a pet person. I consented to two cats, that stay outside, that I never, ever have to take care of myself. :D

Shiloh is my polar opposite, I sometimes believe. We are about as different at two people can be. That being said, she adores animals, has plans on being a zoologist, veterinarian, rancher, breeder, humane society volunteer and all other vocations that involve dealing with animals. She happily takes care of the pets and the idea of mucking a stable is intriguing to her (yucko!)

Carly is my mother-in-laws doggie.

Shiloh loves Carly.

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A Princess: the Rearview


On Thursday, Rebekah was invited to a birthday party for another little girl at our church. It was going to be a dress-up tea party. I was so excited.

I adore my oldest daughter, but I’ve missed out on quite a bit of the girlie parts of having a daughter since she’s absolutely horrified by the thought of painting her fingernails and wearing a tiara.

Bekah, however, has no problem with any of this. In fact, she quite enjoys it!

We got up early to get her ready. We painted nails and added little flower stickers. We tried on a few dress up outfits before deciding the tutu with a tank top was the coolest option. We even tore the house apart looking for her princess high heels. And miraculously, we found both of them. Not true for her tiara, we found that after the party. We did wear a nice girlie, pink, butterfly headband though. It worked in a pinch.

The party was adorable. There were four little two year old girls, running around in dress up shoes, tutus, and all sorts of fine dress up items. They had their own little table with a cake and sandwiches!

And I got to hang out with a group of mom’s for awhile as our kids destroyed someone else’s house. (Sorry Kim!) It was grand fun. :D I am really looking forward to more girlie days with my youngest!

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Unbridled Joy


Because, what’s more fun than having a cannon blast water into your chest?

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Toe Piano


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Bekah is at that age. She has so much to say…and her vocabulary is increasing at amazing rates…but there’s so much we just aren’t getting.

All evening she’s been singing and singing and singing. Her song has all the same sounds and words, over and over…but we have no idea what it is!

She also has a tendency to run into a room talking at full speed, imparting all this wisdom to us, ninety miles an hour. No idea what that kid is talking about…but it’s pretty obvious she knows what’s going on.

Of course, she’s getting better at communicating. We are drifting into full sentences a little more each day. I’m pretty sure she’s been tattling all week. “Momma, Landon pushed here.” “Momma, Gabbie hit.”

And today, she came to me crying with her usual, “I fall down” except when I repeated it back she added a few details. “I fall, bed.”

“You fell?”

“No. I fall bed.”

“You fell off the bed?”

“Yes, I fall bed.”

Of course, most of our talk seems to be focused around injuries or how everyone in the house is mistreating her. You know, if I take her to the potty she screams for daddy. “Momma mean!” If he takes her, well, I’m the one she wants. And no, potty training isn’t going too well. :)

All this blabber turned talk is exciting…in a very bittersweet way. I love that we are sometimes communicating, yet it’s also frustrating when she’s annoyed that her ideas aren’t making it across to us. It’s also much louder in the house these days.

But mostly the bittersweet comes from one main idea… my baby is growing up.

I love it, and I don’t. I can’t decide.


New Haircut

Check out Shiloh’s new haircut. We are loving it. I think it’s too cute and she likes that it doesn’t tangle as easily as it did! :)

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Anyone else ready for spring?


Fancy Nancy

I fell in love with Fancy Nancy after reading her very first book several months ago. Rebekah got a Fancy Nancy doll and a few of her books for her birthday and Christmas gifts. Now, Fancy Nancy is a must at bedtime and several times throughout the day. Rebekah loves “Neesah”.

She has a Madeline doll as well that she’s quite fond of.

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Wordless Wednesday: When the Big Ones Were Small